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          Email: cnqualityglass@gmail.com

           Address: Room 1010, No.4 building,

           Haojing International Innovation Industrial Park, 

           Daxing district, 100176, Beijing, China 




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1. Why can I put trust on your company?

As a technological manufacturer for 17 years, it is our client’s home and abroad who accept our products quality, and who have placed repeated orders from us. It’s our great honor to serve more and more clients who is accept our quality and service, interested in our glass products.

2. Is Pyrex glass product same as borosilicate glass one?

No. Now Pyrex branded glass product is not real borosilicate glass any more, but tempered soda lime glass material.

3. May I know your borosilicate glass tube and rod sizes?

So far, we produce not only regular sizes of various glass tube & rod, and glass profile products but also customized sizes as well, which arranges from 4mm to 300mm in outside diameter, 0.8mm to 10mm in thickness and max length is 3000mm for outside diameter less than 18mm.

4. How many categories of borosilicate glass products your company can offer?

So far, we produce as many as over 1000 kinds of standard finished products, categorized in various tubing, rods, consumer glass container and crafts; they are widely applicated in many industries such as chemistry, architecture, art and design; industrial and environmental industry; laboratory glass; lighting; glass homeware and advertising.

5. Is it possible to have a customized borosilicate glass craft at www.chinaglasscrafts.com?

Sure. Except for our stock designs, customized design is welcome in our side. Moreover, our design team with over 100 people can make it well even without drawing. We’ve produced many unique crafts as well.

6. May I know if your company glass product is certified internationally?

We are certified with FDA, CE and ISO.

7. What is your inspection process to control your glass product quality?

We double control our quality inspection process both by machine and our inspector. Every piece of our product after checked is coded and labeled inspector’s name, in that case enables to be traced accordingly and to make correction at the first time if the quality is not in accordance with client’s requests.

8. Why I need to choose borosilicate glass product instead of soda lime glass one?

Soda lime glass product takes advantage in price, however if you prefer the original taste of your food, borosilicate glass is a better choice for you. Borosilicate glass material is lead free, BPA free and non-toxic, so it is healthy, safer and cost-save since it is very durable. And it is also microwave-safe, oven-safe.

9. Is it possible to let me have a small sample free of charge before placing an order?

Yes, freight and other extra fees is bored in your side.

10. How many lead days does my ordered products can be on board?

For stocked products, it takes about 7 days after we received your deposit. For customized items, it is about 20-30 days.

11. May I know your company MOQ per order? What is the payment your company is accepted?

T/T (Telegraphic transfer) is the most common payment we accept, since most of our clients want shipment soon; Sight L/C is also accepted by us.

12. Would you please let us know the regular packaging?

It is paper wrapped or EPE wrapped inside and carton packed outside, usually we use pallet either.

13. Is your production process of borosilicate glass fully eco-friendly?

Yes. Both glass product and its production process are. It is made by heating raw materials like silica sand and boric oxide to extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time. The molten material is then processed into different types of glassware. No any pollution produced during the whole production process.

14. I'd like to know the physical properties of your borosilicate glass tubing/rods.

SiO2,80±0.5%, plus B2O3,13±0.2%, plus Al2O3,2.4±0.2% 

and Na2O+K2O,4.3±0.2% 

15. How is the chemical properties of your tubing? 

CTE at 20°C/300°C is 3.3±0.1 (10-6K-1) 

Transformation temperature is 525±15°C

Softening point is 820±10°C 

Melting point is 1260±20°C    

Hydrolytic resistance at 98°C meets ISO719-HGB1 

Hydrolytic resistance at 121°C meets ISO720-HGA1

Acid resistance class meets ISO1776-1

Alkali resistance class meets ISO695-A2    

16. How many colors of your borosilicate glass tube & rod is available so far?

It is 24 colors rods and 14 colors tubing available by our company: our rod colors are jade white, opaque white, opaque black, transparent black, blue A, blue B, blue C, blue D, blue E, blue EE, teal, green, light green, strike red, amber, yellow, golden champagne, light yellow, cognac, pink, purple and clear; our tubing colors includes red, opaque black, opaque white, pink, purple, green, yellow, amber, dark blue, light blue, transparent black, teal, clear, dark amber.

17. Is it possible to introduce your production capacity briefly?

The most valuable resources are our skillful and excellent 1000 staff and 100 master crafters, they have been donated their full energy and contribution to our company, which makes our production capacity per year 9500 tons possible. From the foundation in 2002 till now, we’ve owned three production workshops covering an area of 90,000 square meter both production and office zone.

18. Is it possible to let me know your design capability?

Over 1000 kinds of borosilicate glass products really benefit from our innovation dominated design team, 120 people, who is keeping an innovative spirit in mind and bringing the unique art and crafts to our clients and users.